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 Just a few things before I pass right on out.

Been watching Doctor Who, and both the effects and the writing just keep getting better. The three-part finale to season 3... wow. Fantastic.

Also been watching Babylon 5. Almost done with the final season, and... Overall, great show. Will expand on things I've liked and disliked when I'm done, but figure putting something down here will remind me to do so later.

Reading... Currently reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I usually find Austen to be kindof painful to read. Nothing against those who love her work, but it's not normally my cup of tea. Mmmm.... tea. Ahem. Anyway. This book is so absurd it's great. Perhaps a review when I'm done, perhaps not. We'll see.

As for the stomping that Japan has been receiving... I can barely wrap my head around it. There's really nothing I can say on the matter beyond this:

The major US news networks, mainly CNN, need to STOP letting weathermen try to explain ANYTHING beyond the weather. They're not really even very good at that, but at least it's their field of 'expertise'. I watched as some meteorologist explained how a tsunami results from an earthquake, then watched a geologist (I THINK that's what they said he was) explained it and it had nothing whatsoever to do with what weather guy said. THEN it may have been another weather schmuck or it may have been the same one, but he explained a couple different things on a couple different occasions about nuclear power and radiation only to be contradicted shortly after by a nuclear physicist. First, his explanation of how the radiation would hit the United States West Coast, then how a nuclear power plant works.

That was more annoying, if possible, than when news people of any sort interview children. That also needs to stop. Children can be cute and endearing at times, but they're never really very informative and less so if you don't have some kind of connection to them.
None of this is remotely why I started this post, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was I wanted to say. Maybe it'll come to me in  a dream. As if I ever dream of anything that's not either horribly absurd or just plain horrible.

That is all.
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