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Read two interesting books in the last couple weeks, working on a third recommended by a friend from work.

No Way To Treat A First Lady by Christopher Buckley was quite good. Same author that wrote Thank You For Smoking which I haven't read but was made into a movie that is easily one of my top 10 favorites. Also wrote Boomsday which was about a proposed law requiring the death, rather than retirement, of the Baby Boomers and the hilarity that ensued from that. This one was about the trial of the First Lady after the President died in circumstances that implicated her as the killer. Great stuff, and I would recommend Buckley to anyone and everyone that might possibly read this.

Damned, Chuck Palahniuk's latest, was his usual blend of bizarre and intriguing. Told from the perspective of a thirteen year old girl who dies and goes to Hell, about some events in her life leading up to her death and her life in Hell. Another author I would recommend to anyone, though some of his work is probably not going to appeal to everyone.

Currently reading Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan. So far it's a sort of hard-scifi-noir thing. Interesting idea, so far the voice is good and it's moving along at a decent pace. Will write more later, when I have more of an impression to give.

Anyone who enjoys a good Drama/Political Thriller should go see The Ides of March. I knew nothing about it before going to see it with a friend from the ship, but the one time I came across the title I kinda hoped it would be bad and that a critic somewhere would make the obvious Shakespeare reference. I was delighted to find that it not only wasn't bad, but was actually quite good!

And now, true believers, I sign off.


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