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 Might as well use it as one, then.

Been feeling kinda down lately, despite some things in life going better than I could have hoped.

Unemployment sucks, and having no response no matter how many applications I put out was getting kindof disheartening. The job opportunities that I've come across that I liked the sound of, I didn't have either enough of the right experience, or no degree, or no Drivers License. Really need to fix that last one, but that'll have to come once employment is attained, so I can pay to get the jeep sitting out front fixed.

Just as I was sitting at the local book depository waiting to be able to print out an application for volunteer service with the city, to hopefully get some skills and experience(and renewed fucking confidence) that would help me secure paying employment, my phone rings.

I had a preliminary phone interview the other week, and since then had pretty much written it off as botched. This phone call at the library was to schedule an in-store interview.

I'm not getting my hopes up, but it's nice to have the brief feeling of not being useless and unemployable. 

Here's hoping tomorrow goes well.

Let's see... What else?

Ah, right. So, many weeks ago, I tripped over the power cord for my laptop and it took a spill, cracking the screen.  Yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, I fucking did it again. The machine still works fine, but the cracks are a mite annoying.

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