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Read two interesting books in the last couple weeks, working on a third recommended by a friend from work.

No Way To Treat A First Lady by Christopher Buckley was quite good. Same author that wrote Thank You For Smoking which I haven't read but was made into a movie that is easily one of my top 10 favorites. Also wrote Boomsday which was about a proposed law requiring the death, rather than retirement, of the Baby Boomers and the hilarity that ensued from that. This one was about the trial of the First Lady after the President died in circumstances that implicated her as the killer. Great stuff, and I would recommend Buckley to anyone and everyone that might possibly read this.

Damned, Chuck Palahniuk's latest, was his usual blend of bizarre and intriguing. Told from the perspective of a thirteen year old girl who dies and goes to Hell, about some events in her life leading up to her death and her life in Hell. Another author I would recommend to anyone, though some of his work is probably not going to appeal to everyone.

Currently reading Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan. So far it's a sort of hard-scifi-noir thing. Interesting idea, so far the voice is good and it's moving along at a decent pace. Will write more later, when I have more of an impression to give.

Anyone who enjoys a good Drama/Political Thriller should go see The Ides of March. I knew nothing about it before going to see it with a friend from the ship, but the one time I came across the title I kinda hoped it would be bad and that a critic somewhere would make the obvious Shakespeare reference. I was delighted to find that it not only wasn't bad, but was actually quite good!

And now, true believers, I sign off.


Sep. 8th, 2011 10:51 pm
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Contemplating both piercing and ink... not sure, though... 
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 So, get-together-shindig-thing was a no-go. My work schedule and their "have their shit together" schedules did not line up. Ah well, there will be other such functions, I'm sure.

Been watching a bunch of funny cartoons on the youtubes such as this or this. Not for everyone, I know, especially you, Mr. Kline, but they have provided me with some laughs this morning. Religious views aside, neither are particularly work-safe.

It's my Friday. Hopefully the shift wont drag too badly.

Might have plans for tomorrow, but we shall see.

Peace out, y'all.
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 Ok, so... This'll be short, as I have to bounce out to work shortly, but will update again soon-ish.


Home Depot's not a terrible glamorous job, but it's a job, and not a horrible one. Usual mix of cool people, slackers, and fuckups. Physically exhausting sometimes, but not the mentally or emotionally exhausting mess that the ship was.

Actually, life's pretty unexciting lately, but that's ok.

Might be able to attend a party with a bunch of Highschool peeps later, if I can manage to get out of work early to catch the series of busses I need to take. Should be fun. If I can't make it, at least there is scotch and cigars in my future.

Have a fairly decent day, journal-reading-type people!
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 Might as well use it as one, then.

Been feeling kinda down lately, despite some things in life going better than I could have hoped.

Unemployment sucks, and having no response no matter how many applications I put out was getting kindof disheartening. The job opportunities that I've come across that I liked the sound of, I didn't have either enough of the right experience, or no degree, or no Drivers License. Really need to fix that last one, but that'll have to come once employment is attained, so I can pay to get the jeep sitting out front fixed.

Just as I was sitting at the local book depository waiting to be able to print out an application for volunteer service with the city, to hopefully get some skills and experience(and renewed fucking confidence) that would help me secure paying employment, my phone rings.

I had a preliminary phone interview the other week, and since then had pretty much written it off as botched. This phone call at the library was to schedule an in-store interview.

I'm not getting my hopes up, but it's nice to have the brief feeling of not being useless and unemployable. 

Here's hoping tomorrow goes well.

Let's see... What else?

Ah, right. So, many weeks ago, I tripped over the power cord for my laptop and it took a spill, cracking the screen.  Yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, I fucking did it again. The machine still works fine, but the cracks are a mite annoying.

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1 - Catching up on Fringe, and it's getting better as I near seasons end... This show was fantastic in season 1, yet still manages to improve each season.

2 - One thing I forgot about having a completely shaved head. When one hits ones head on a sharp corner, it hurts more. Also, the scalp bleeds more easily without hair to protect it, and goddamn does it like to bleed.

3 - 90.
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HOW did I not know about Tom Lehrer before yesterday?

Reading long-neglected LJ and DW "friends" pages, I think that a certain ms. [personal profile] takhisis is responsible for my finding his work, and a heart-felt thanks for that, as it's quite funny. Some of it a bit dated, but still overall great.
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 Although I intend to start posting at  least daily, if not more, I wanted to wish everyone who might read this a happy early "Dead Jew On A Stick With Chocolate" day!
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 Just a few things before I pass right on out.

Been watching Doctor Who, and both the effects and the writing just keep getting better. The three-part finale to season 3... wow. Fantastic.

Also been watching Babylon 5. Almost done with the final season, and... Overall, great show. Will expand on things I've liked and disliked when I'm done, but figure putting something down here will remind me to do so later.

Reading... Currently reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I usually find Austen to be kindof painful to read. Nothing against those who love her work, but it's not normally my cup of tea. Mmmm.... tea. Ahem. Anyway. This book is so absurd it's great. Perhaps a review when I'm done, perhaps not. We'll see.

As for the stomping that Japan has been receiving... I can barely wrap my head around it. There's really nothing I can say on the matter beyond this:

The major US news networks, mainly CNN, need to STOP letting weathermen try to explain ANYTHING beyond the weather. They're not really even very good at that, but at least it's their field of 'expertise'. I watched as some meteorologist explained how a tsunami results from an earthquake, then watched a geologist (I THINK that's what they said he was) explained it and it had nothing whatsoever to do with what weather guy said. THEN it may have been another weather schmuck or it may have been the same one, but he explained a couple different things on a couple different occasions about nuclear power and radiation only to be contradicted shortly after by a nuclear physicist. First, his explanation of how the radiation would hit the United States West Coast, then how a nuclear power plant works.

That was more annoying, if possible, than when news people of any sort interview children. That also needs to stop. Children can be cute and endearing at times, but they're never really very informative and less so if you don't have some kind of connection to them.
None of this is remotely why I started this post, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was I wanted to say. Maybe it'll come to me in  a dream. As if I ever dream of anything that's not either horribly absurd or just plain horrible.

That is all.
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 Am I the only person who enjoys cold coffee? I don't mean iced. I mean "oops I forgot about it, and it's room temperature but the temperature in the room happens to be just above freezing." cold. I enjoys it, but then again it IS good coffee to begin with. Not sure I'd like the shitty as-found-in-every-break-room-everywhere coffee when cold. 

I still enjoy it hot very much, but it is good cold too. Oh! Do any of you know whether Folgers is coarse enough for a french press? I've not had it in years and am curious if it stacks up at all to more 'gourmet' coffees.

Been trying to check out new musics. Was turned on to www;, and and both are great, but wondering if anyone else has anyplace they go for free new music? Any bands that are worth  checking out?

There was some stupid turn of phrase I saw or read somewhere that was bothering me when I started this post, some complete abuse of the english language... but I cannot for the life of me  remember what it was. 

Also, to those few of you who have experienced it.... which new pokemon should I play? I 'acquired' both, but am undecided on which to put on my ds.
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Now then.

Just finished watching "Easy A". Funnier than any of the big comedies I've seen in quite a while. 

I have been commanded by another friend to watch "The Lion in Winter" and "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead". In the process of acquiring those now. Will update after viewing, but this friend hasn't steered me wrong yet, so I'm hopeful.

Let's see... Ah yes... 

The last movies I saw in the theater were "True Grit" and "The King's Speach". Also 'acquired' "The Black Swan" and watched that on lappie here. All three were fantastic. I don't know if any of those won anything, but whatever they did, they deserved.

TV shows I've watched recently.


  • Being Human - I've started both the American and British versions, and rather than deciding on which I like better, I like both and will likely continue to watch both. Damn it all to hell.
  • Better off Ted - My rat bastard brother turned me on to this phenomenal show that had already been canceled after 2 seasons. Amazingly funny. Damn shame it got canceled.
  • Archer - Hilarious spy cartoon, hope it doesn't get canceled, but I like it so it probably will.
  • Community - Fantastic comedy that I was hesitant to start watching, but was finally persuaded and love every episode and every character. Not surprising considering the cast. Donald Glover and Joel McHale are amazing. *End Comedy Nerd Mode*

Just started reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and so far it's quite good. I'm usually not a huge fan of Austen or her contemporaries' style, but add the completely over-used Zombies and it's somehow compelling.

More things have been seen/read/done, but I grow weary of staring at this page, so I shall end this here.

                                                                          Or here.



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 So, I've decided to try this whole internet journal thing again... maybe use it for it's intended purpose.

No theme or goal or anything yet, but who knows.


And off...

Jan. 19th, 2011 09:04 am
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 Not the best of mindsets or gut feelings to go out looking for work with, but gotta do what I've gotta do.
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Several years ago, I had a conversation with a homeless man who was just a few years older than I was.

I was at a park just down the street from the local library, where I had been spending a lot of time. This guy, very open and friendly(at least so it seemed to me at the time), asked if I could spare a couple of bucks. I gave him the three or four dollars I had on me and we talked for about half an hour.

He said, and I had and have no reason to doubt, that he had been injured in Afghanistan. It wasn't an outwardly visible injury, but prevented him from some kinds of work, and according to him the VA was to put it mildly unhelpful. 

I saw him several more times, chatting briefly, over the next few months, but haven't seen him around in a long time.

Aside from disgust at the state of care our Vets were receiving(though I've read/been told it's better now in WA), I just wonder where that guy is now and how he's doing.

Nothing else to this but putting thoughts down in writing.
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Revelations I've had in recent weeks that will surprise no one, as no one reads this rambling anyway, either new or things I had forgotten:
  • Twitter is probably the most useless, time-wasting, black hole of idiocy to spring from the internet. I do not, nor do I intend to, actually HAVE a twitter account, but reading it is bad enough.
  • A lot of older games(ps2-era or older) were really good, but a lot more of them were complete garbage. Just because it was hard, , or new, doesnt mean it was good.
  • There's something about the tactile feeling of a physical(almost said real) book that just cannot be beat by an ebook. Ebooks are great, but still not quite as good.
  • There are not enough hours in a lifetime to play every game, read every book, listen to every song or standup routine, or watch every show or movie that I would like to. So, time to start  narrowing the list a lot.
  • I had forgotten how cathartic writing could be.
  • 'Collecting' and 'Acquiring' get old fast... time to do more 'Creating'
  • Wikipedia, though often loaded with inaccuracies, is still full of interesting or useful information.
  • Whoever first thought to pair Coffee with Alcohol was a genius.
More later, as it comes to me.


A Post

Nov. 3rd, 2010 11:04 pm
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I've just been thinking a bit about life, and came to the conclusion that all things considered I have nothing to complain about...

Personally, that is.

There's much to complain about with Politics. Also, television and music in general.

Those are topics for other nights.

Media I am/have been consuming:

Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, the 2009 remake of The Prisoner, Caprica, attempted to read and watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Thoughts on those later.
Oh, also! I rediscovered the wonders of the Gin and Tonic. Tasty.

ps: I will change these damn mood icons later. Annoying cutesy skull and crossbones...

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